About Us

This all started out as a fun little hobby of ours. We began making our own bath and beauty products whenever we noticed how much we were paying for these exact products. Products that were not necessarily geared toward sensitive, irritable skin. My sister and I thought it would be better if we make our own. We are conscientious of what goes into our products and what it does. During our research we learned about different ingredients and how each work together to form a cohesive recipe. Thereafter, we started making batch after endless batch loving every minute of it. Creating these products brought so much joy! The fun and happiness this hobby brought made us conclude to transform it into something we can do for life. Thus, turning our pastime of making handmade bath and beauty products into an online business. The passion we have for what we create is all the reason to offer them to you; ethically made, vegan products handcrafted with lots of love! We hope you enjoy using them as much as we enjoy making them precisely for you!

Self-care should not be a daunting task. It should be a pampering, self-indulging experience. Bring the spa to your home with The Paige Collection.


Love, Brittney & Courtney Paige Johnson